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I am offering services to create artwork and furniture that have a heartfelt connection to you.  Whether it is a chalk portrait of a loved one, a unique sculpture, an architectural rendering of a special place or furniture with a personalized decorative inlay, I hope to deliver a one of a kind piece that will be cherished by you and your family for generations. Please peruse the gallery.  I am sure that you will come up with ideas.  If an idea is important to you, then I will be interested in working with you to have your inspiration guide me in creating your unique piece.

Bud Kolich

PO Box 230

East Aurora, NY 14052

Tel: 716-655-4360

2015-04-03 12.30.06.jpg
2014-02-25 08.23.36.jpg
2012-12-23 13.21.31.jpg
2012-12-23 13.21.16.jpg
2012-12-23 13.21.46.jpg
2014-03-01 11.00.04.jpg
2014-03-01 10.59.40.jpg
2014-03-01 10.59.06.jpg
2015-02-27 06.54.24.jpg
2015-04-02 10.48.09.jpg
2015-04-02 10.47.47.jpg
2014-11-10 08.07.48.jpg
2013-06-25 07.33.04.jpg
2013-06-25 07.34.04.jpg
2013-07-02 16.35.38.jpg
2013-09-07 12.48.38.jpg
2013-09-07 13.01.05.jpg
2015-05-25 11.45.14.jpg
2012-08-07 12.03.20-1.jpg
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